Plain Raw Smoked Honey

Plain Raw Smoked Honey


250 grams of 100% raw, unfiltered, unpasteurised WA cold smoked honey.

Our natural smoked honey is best described as robust, caramelised, dark, toffee flavoured, spicy and complex, and it carries backnotes of bushy redgum smoke both on the palate and pronounced on the nose. It's the perfect condiment for any type of BBQ and smoked meats, pork, bacon, beef, ribs, chicken wings, all types of seafood, on ya burger, on plain ol' snags; on fruit platters, cheese platters, in salad dressings, deserts, on yoghurt, in milkshakes, and much much more. For best results smoked honey is recommended as a finishing dressing.

Shipping is available through Australia Post Parcel Post.

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