Whisky Old Fashioned Raw Smoked Honey

Whisky Old Fashioned Raw Smoked Honey


250 grams of 100% raw, unfiltered and unpasteruised WA cold smoked honey, infused with whisky, bitters and oranges. Served old fashioned.

Our Whisky Old Fashioned smoked honey is infused with a peaty whisky, angostura bitters and bright orange flavours reminiscent of the quintessential ‘Whisky Old Fashioned’ cocktail. It’s a Friday night party honey and will lift almost any BBQ meal from ‘ok’ to amazing with a flick of the dipper! It's the perfect condiment for any type of BBQ meat, pork, bacon, beef, smoked meats, ribs, chicken wings, plain ol' snags; on fruit platters, cheese platters, in salad dressings, deserts, on yoghurt, in milkshakes, and much much more.... It even lends itself to a cocktail or two! It’s particularly recommended in glazes where the whisky, orange and bitters profile caramelises in the honey to great effect and flavour. Otherwise, we recommend using it as a finishing dressing.

Shipping is available through Australia Post Parcel Post.

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